knockout rummy by Rummyjacks

Last Player Standing takes it all in Knockout Rummy

There was a period when traditional rummy was the only type of card game that existed. Online rummy became popular in all its glory as the gaming world changed and technology began to work its magic. That is no longer a point of contention. The freedom to play at any time and in any place. Mathematical strategy. The use of tactics. Making a decision. And so forth.

Welcome to Online Rummy’s brave new world! You’ve got it all wrong if you believe it follows the conventional gaming playbook. While the game appears highly disruptive, thanks to its specialized user experience and sleek interface, and modern visual interface, it comes with its own set of rules and instructions to follow.

There is no turning back once a player joins the world of RummyJacks, thanks to the entertainment it provides in equal parts skills and fun.

But wait, isn’t it just our regular rummy with appealing graphics?

No! RummyJacks brings you a new, exciting rummy variant that is 10X more fun and gives you the ultimate bragging rights!

So, what exactly is Knockout rummy?

Knockout Rummy is a new rummy mode by RummyJacks where two to six players can play in a maximum of 5 rounds. The agenda is simple- score the least count and survive till the last round. And the last player standing who has the least points in the last round wins the reward! Sounds simple? The simpler the game rules are, the higher goes the game thrill.

How to play Knockout rummy?

  1. Knockout Rummy is played between a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 6 players using 2 decks of cards.
  2. Knockout rummy consists of a maximum of 5 rounds (if 6 players are playing) where the last player standing wins!
  3. In order to win knockout rummy, a player needs to defeat all the other players in each round by having the least count possible in each round.
  4. 0 being the least count in each round, players get their counts tallied at the end of each round.
  5. The player with the highest count is eliminated after each round. All the other players move forward to the next round.
  6. The count of a player is carried forward to the next round, where the count acquired in that round is added to the previous count.
  7. Again, the player with the highest count is eliminated. Just like the previous round, all the other players proceed to the next round.
  8. By the time the last round is completed, the player with the least count wins the game.

As the standard rules of the rummy state, each player is given 13 cards in the game and a random card is selected as Wild Joker. There are 2 kinds of decks in Rummy- One is an open deck and the other one is a closed deck. The players can either pick a card from the open deck if it makes a good addition to their melds or they can pick a card from a closed deck before discarding their card to the open deck. The player should keep drawing or discarding cards to form valid sets and sequences of the 13 cards. To win the game, the player has to arrange/group 13 cards into valid sequences and sets (at least one pure sequence and other valid sequence or sets).

“Becoming a pro” will give you much insight into where you can develop, find new opportunities, and have fun – and the social atmosphere of online rummy with exciting modes like Knockout rummy can only help you sharpen your skills. In a continuously shifting gaming world, online rummy will continue to amaze you, one match at a time, and you’ll have to endure tactics more than ever before.

Do you believe in your rummy skills and want to take them to the next level? Enrol in a Knockout rummy match & be the last player standing!

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